Welcome To the Yukon CubeSat Idea Draw

Submit an idea for the Yukon CubeSat payload for a chance to have your name in space. You can learn more about the project at our main page.

What do we mean by payload?

The payload can be anything from a temperature sensor to a camera or anything that you can dream up. Getting the satellite to space isn’t a problem thanks to the launch arranged by the Canadian Space Agency, we just need to decide what it’s going to do once it gets up there and then build it.
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Yukon based EOS (Earth Observation System) - YukonLandSat

Of great benefit to the Yukon's geospatial gathering capability would be it's own micro-satellite capable of capturing single images or a series of overlapping images monitoring specific Yukon sites.

Posted by EarthImage

Public Engagement With Northern Lights & Tourism

For the public, connecting Aurora Borealis and tourism to bond a stronger relationship/awareness about STEM and research.

Posted by Eric Kim

Waste Watch

Tracking waste and clean-up worldwide, giving people a better idea of what is actually happening to our world on a large scale.

Posted by Annabelle

Coding Challenges

Numerous low cost sensors and a user-friendly interface to run coding challenges in Yukon schools

Posted by Alison

Colour Variation and Vegetation

A sensor on the CubeSat that is sensitive to subtle changes in light frequency so that when pointed at the earth it can record what colour it is looking at to a high degree of accuracy. We can point the sensor at the Earth and use it to record what percentage of the land mass is covered by what shade of vegetation at what time of year. This could be used to potentially track the progress of invasive species, the changes of the leaves with the season, algal blooms etc.-- depending on where it is pointed.

Posted by Noah

Yukon's 'Golden Record'

Broadcast Yukon's poets and storytellers across the world via a micro radio.

Posted by Joe

Free satellite messenger service

Send free messages via satellite to family and friends in backcountry

Posted by Sinan

Permafrost degradation

Monitor the changes to the landscape because of permafrost degradation.

Posted by YukonMike

Tracking Salmon

Finding out where salmon go when they are in the ocean.

Posted by Ken

Studying the Northern Lights at Great Heights

A cubesat with a magnetometers and electric field sensors to provide more understanding of the Aurora Borealis

Posted by Erik


The "WiLD LiDAR" cubesat mission aims to advance technology in space while simultaneously assisting biologists in wildlife tracking by combining a LiDAR sensor with a radio transceiver.

Posted by Ally

Gas Spectrometer

Use a gas spectrometer to examine gasses in the upper atmosphere specifically looking at gasses that contribute to climate change.

Posted by Francis

Heats On!

Examine the contributing effect of volcanic activity to climate change.

Posted by Min

An Engineer Trying to Science

an engineering and science payload to measure various things in space and test the design of an engineering system built on the ground.

Posted by Spencer

Satellite imaging for the Yukon.

Satellite imaging of the Yukon that is only accessed by the Yukon Government or businesses.

Posted by Lee